Sunday, August 7, 2011

Russian Folk Art Box

Heres a box that i painted for my sister! we had seen a few expensive boxes like this at some decore stores, but i didnt want to pay 30 dollars for them! so i decided to make it myself! It was really cheap and simple to do and only took a few hours to make :) I bought the box for about 1.25 at a dollarama, and used some acrylic paint i had lying around at home to decorate it. The pattern i chose to paint on it is inspired by the beautiful floral designs in russian folk art! its very simple to do, and has such an awesome affect :) i found a lot of it looks best when its done in one simple brush stroke, but i still need to practice that :P

I used the Instagram iPod app to take these pictures. really digging the vintage-ie feel!

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