Monday, August 15, 2011

Ukulele Strap - How To

I recently got a ukulele (just learned dog days are over which i'm stoked about!) and i needed a strap for it! i found a plethora of DIYs online, some using shoelaces, others using old lanyards and bungee chords... but i thought i'd try it my own way!

you will need:
- some yarn (3 different colours if you want a cool strap!)
- a safety pin
- a pillow
- and braiding skills!

all you pretty much do is braid the yarn (i pin the beginning end of the braid onto a pillow so i can get some tension) and tie it around your uke!

i used about 53 inches of yarn to make mine ( I'm about 5'1" and it fits me comfortably, but if your taller you may want to use more!) also remember that when you braid it you loose some length so you also might want to add a few inches (about 2 or 3) and if it ends up being too long you can just snip it off :)

heres some pictures i took of the strap, and i made a yellow, white and blue one for my friend caitlin!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've been dying to make some of these bad boys but i can never quite follow the tutorials. BUT I finally found one that makes sense! I'll hopefully be able to make some for all my buds now :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Geometric Mug

painted this mug at Glaze Craze with my bffl (lol) :)

the back of this guy got messed because i was super rushed! (they were closing up and i had to paint super fast, so therefore its super messy!)

Russian Folk Art Box

Heres a box that i painted for my sister! we had seen a few expensive boxes like this at some decore stores, but i didnt want to pay 30 dollars for them! so i decided to make it myself! It was really cheap and simple to do and only took a few hours to make :) I bought the box for about 1.25 at a dollarama, and used some acrylic paint i had lying around at home to decorate it. The pattern i chose to paint on it is inspired by the beautiful floral designs in russian folk art! its very simple to do, and has such an awesome affect :) i found a lot of it looks best when its done in one simple brush stroke, but i still need to practice that :P

I used the Instagram iPod app to take these pictures. really digging the vintage-ie feel!

Monster Piggy Bank

welcome to my crafts blog :) I decided to start this blog so i could share all my DIY projects and non animation related work here!

well i'll start off with this little guy that i painted a few months back at a pottery painting place with my friend Caitlin. hes an awesome little piggy bank, and he was the first peice of pottery that i've ever painted (so he turned out a little wonky!) but hes not too bad for a first time :) I have no idea of what to name him!